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One of the greater symbols of social status is the watch. And people always judge a man as to the honor to accord him based on the kind of watch he's wearing. The latest fashion in the design of watches is the use of wood, even though there are numerous materials from which they can be manufactured. Wooden watches are preferable because of the many benefits that set them apart. Many people, including the rich and powerful, are considering owning wooden watches as compared to the more traditional types. The following are some of the reasons why wooden watches have become so much popular with men today. 

Wooden watches are rare, unique and specially designed.These watches are uncommon, specially designed and easily stand out. The fact that wooden watches are rare and unique makes them a must-have for men with class. The influential people in the society can actually pay amount of money so long as they are assured of getting an accessory that is rare and unique. And this is what they like, being unique from the rest of the people. And the fact that they can be made into special designs makes them all the more precious for the owner. It is possible to come up with many unique designs for the watches simply by making use of different wood types.

The manufacture of watches using wood as the raw material helps conserve the environment. As compared to metal and plastic, wood is fairly renewable and easily accessible to use for making watches. There are also numerous kinds of wood that can be used to make watches such as hardwoods, softwoods and even bamboo. Additionally, when such wooden watches finally stop working, they can be safely disposed of without really affecting the environment because wood is biodegradable. Therefore, wood is the best material for making watch if you want to avoid polluting the environment. You can visit for more info.

The tastes and preferences of the customer can actually be included in the design because of the ease of customization. As opposed to metallic and plastic watches that require some industrial manipulation, wooden watches can be purely made by hand through careful and skilled craftsmanship. This gives every watch a unique look and feel because it's easier to work into the design the preferences of the buyer. Other kinds of watches have limited allowance for customization as a result of the processes involved in their manufacture.

Wooden watches are recommended for those with metal allergies. Some people have allergies that prevent them from buying and wearing any metallic jewelry, including watches. Since wood hardly causes allergic reactions, wooden watches are highly recommended for such people. They thus can buy such watches without the fear of putting themselves at the risk of experiencing such allergic reactions as development of rashes and irritation of the skin.

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